Online Business Management & Personal Assistance

You’re an established superwoman entrepreneur making giant strides in your personal brand and services. You’re ready to trust in expansion, andyou want all the magic being made behind the curtain to stay productive and flow effortlessly. You’re ready to delegate more and expand your team, but you’re not willing to take on another person to manage. In fact, what you’d really like to add is an extra layer of support -- abusiness manager who will oversee your operations and team, track progress, consolidate information, and report it back to you efficiently and proactively.

Pampered services typically include up to 50 hours of:

  • All items outlined in Start-Her Up & Spa Exhale Package
  • Collaboration and representation on project, operation, and team management
  • Dedicated strategy partnership helping to create and launch products or events
  • Overseeing systems operations   
  • Consultant/vendor and client liaising
  • Personal liaison for speaking or other collaborative engagements
  • Up to 15 hours in person assistance per month (**subject to availability -  must be outlined at time of contract)
  • Reliable status updates & communications
  • Personal scheduling, calendar management and travel assistance  
  • BONUS: Special Monthly Self-Care Gift & Offering


Wholly Personalized Service

We understand having the right person to rely on is a non-negotiable. You and your business need personalized attention that makes you feel 100% taken care of and supported in your mission.  Partnership with The Superwoman Solution is the next step in bringing your vision to the masses on an elevated level. This is our most comprehensive package and we’re confident it will meet all of your needs! ***Limited Availability & Application Only

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